måndag 10 juni 2013

This is such a light flowy skirt, bought in London. The turban is bought in a second hand store in Sundbyberg, outside Stockholm. The turban was popular in the 1920:s and a lot of movie stars of the 1940:s wore it at that time.If you are visiting Stockholm, be sure to take a trip to Sundbyberg, they have a lot of thrifted shops and second hands, far cheaper than the ones inside Stockholm city. 

The brooch on the turban is Annie's, my great-grandmothers. She was bought up in the beginning of the 20th century and you can see her in all her glory in a picture down below. She and my great-grandfather loved a masquerade so the picture is probably from that kind of happening. Or maybe from a revue from 1920:s. Lets just say I think I got my love for spectacles from her.