söndag 29 september 2013

 So today I was at Vintagemässan in Stockholm. That's a market were many of Sweden's vintage boutiques come to show their stuff and sell it - under the same roof! It usually is two weekends a year so it is always exciting to go. Today I got to see a 1920:s dress (a real one with old black sequins all over). It was so beautiful. I also met a pair who had bought a dead stock of clothing from the 1960:s and 1970:s. They had gorgeous coats, never worn of course, and a lot of jeans. They were going to sell some of the stock in October and November - I will be there looking thru it. You can find more about that here.

As always Galoppisen is of course much cheaper than Vintagemässan because it is a garage sale, so after Vintagemässan me and my friend went there for a short visit! Totally today's find is a vintage lace corset from Vintagemässan for 21 dollar, a lovely autumn sweater for 3 dollar and a Gul&blå top for 2 dollar at the Galoppis.

I had to have a typical autumn look today. The coat is bought in a vintage boutique in Paris some years ago, from the 1970:s. The dress is a classic 1960:s dress that I got from a friend (lucky me). The baret is something I found at the Galoppis some weeks ago. It cost me 2 dollars and I really love it, why haven't I tried barets before?

onsdag 25 september 2013

Hey kids!
There is still some summer left in the air. And when winter comes this Hawaii shirt sure will remind me of vacation! What more do a girl need than a hysterical print of neon palm trees and LA beach?

The Hawaii shirt and the shoes are bought on the one and only Swedish flea market Galoppisen. The high waisted shorts was a find I found in Solnahallen Megaloppis. Megaloppisen is a flea market that has unique and collectible items mixed with garage sale stuff. I adore it! It is just twice a year in Sweden and it is actually coming up in two weeks - 5th and 6th October! Be sure not to miss it if you are around visiting Stockholm! I sure won't!

måndag 23 september 2013

I do have many dresses at home but this is by far my favorite one.
This is a nightgown from the early 1900:s. The fabric is true cotton and it falls like a heavy sheet would. That's because this gorgeous thing probably has been a sheet once and than been transformed to nightclothes when the time has called for it. The shoulder straps are hand made lace, it is "knypplat" as we say in Swedish. Knyppla is an old lace tradition, like tatting. This kind of lace was popular to use on linens in the beginning of the 1900th centuary in Sweden.

It is rare to find a so old vintage nightgown that feels so loved and yet has no spots or tears. I feel a bit silly but every time I put it on I feel moved by it and it's history. 
I bought it on one of my favorite vintage boutiques in Stockholm: Old Touch. Old Touch has a lot, a lot of rare items in a very small place. Though it's very much to look at the store is still very looked after and they display new stuff like every month.I can go there for hours. This dress cost me around 52 dollar, which felt like nothing. 

And a tip if you are going to a Gatsby party or a 1920:s theme soon - here you can rent your whole 1920:s outfit for 250 crowns, which is about 37 dollar.

måndag 16 september 2013

I have a had a craving for a see thru shirt for a while. Finally I found one. For the serious money of 1 dollar this was bought in the flea market that I'm always raving about: Galoppisen. However the shorts are from Monki and the top was also something I actually bought for full price in a store for once. Hope you enjoy, guys!