onsdag 27 augusti 2014

Sometimes you are just a lucky, lucky girl. 

When I was a flea market last spring, Solnahallens Megaloppis, this beauty was hanging on the wall where two young girls were selling clothes. This is a flea market where you find mostly collectible porcelain and fun things combined with garage sale type of stuff. I have made real finds here! But this beautiful 1950:s dress takes the prize.

The girl who sold it to me said it was her grandmothers dress. She did not want it, and her grandmother had past away. But she treasured it, and so do I. She wanted 20 dollars for it! Nothing for a precious vintage piece which is almost untouched. 

So you can imagine that I was glad to wear it when one of my best friends got married in June. See all the goodies here.

måndag 25 augusti 2014

So finally I am back from Tokyo, the west coast trips and all the fun! Sometimes it feels good just being at home. The Tokyo trip was insane!

It is not easy finding out where to go for the best vintage finds in Tokyo. Most of the webpages are in Japanese and they are hard to locate. But after some research and talking to people at the spot I found a lot of pearls. Read all about it here.

Well I am back and well in Sweden now, as you may see. This lovely hat was a find at the flea market tour that was in Sweden last spring, 'On the flea'. It only costed me 3 dollars, nothing! The lace dress is also a flea market find but it is not that old. It's a Weekday dress and I paid 1 dollar for it.I really adore its clean lace back. However I had to cut the underskirt lining because I did not like it being longer than the lace. And now I am very happy with it!

And oh, if you want to see some amazing pics from the Japan trip when I was at the mountains, check this out.