måndag 23 december 2013

It is the day before Christmas eve and I wanted to show you some Christmas goods. 

The black sculpted hat is typical for the 1940:s and 1950:s. To make it hold on to your head you don't need any good balance, but you do need hat pins. On the top picture you can see how the hat have a lining inside where you can stick the hat pin. It goes through the fabric, in your hairdo and then back out again. The tricky part is that you won't see what you are doing, but you will get used to it. And the positive thing is that hat pins are gorgeous little things! This one I got from my great grandmother Annie. You can see her here. (She was such a sucker for masquerades).

The hat was a Christmas present from my boyfriend, together with the dark velvet gloves. They are so smooth and thin. I would guess that they date back from the same period as the hat.

The dress is an actual ballet dress. I had a craving for it when I was 16, and I am still glad that I bought it!

Merry Christmas, for you who celebrate! 
And you who don't, have a great week!

lördag 14 december 2013

Here are two favorite pieces from my vintage lingerie collection. 

First is a pair of 1930:s silk shorts. They are a true wonder! The label with the former owners name is still stitched on it: "Vera Bolinder". They have the cutest pattern with small flowers and a tight waist that closes with two buttons on each side. The length is to the beginning of the thigh. It's not often you find a 1930:s piece, and I got my hand on them at an antique fair last winter in Stockholm. I have shown them here before.

Then we have the classic vintage bra with visible seams. It also has delicate lace and no shoulder straps, which I love. This kind came to town in the 1930:s. As a soft filler they used sand, which you can still notice when you have been holding one in your hand. They are quite rare, especially if you want to find one that fits you and is still in good condition. So if you don't feel like going looking for a vintage one you can still make them yourself. On Va-Voom Vintage you will find great instructions on how to do it yourself! 

I was lucky when I opened an old suitcase at another vintage fair and found some laying around and for a remarkable price. I think I paid like 5 dollars, in vintage boutiques you may find them for 20 dollars or more. 

tisdag 3 december 2013

This weekend featured one of my favorite flea markets the Megaloppis in Solna - and what is better to wear than something that I found there last spring! 

This is a 1950:s dress in mint condition. The brand 'Sun Fashions of Hawaii' started to produce clothes in the 1940:s, and you can still find a lot of their 1960:s and 1970:s dresses on the net. It sure was true luck for me, the man who sold it wanted only 5 dollars (I mean common!). So I bought it quickly and when I got home and tried it on it was a perfect fit. 

Underneath it I wear a tutu skirt and a 1950:s bullet bra, just to enhance the silhouette. You can actually see the tutu skirt on the second picture, it was also a flea market find some years ago. If you are looking for vintage silhouette I truly recommend to be on the look out for bullet bras, they can make a simple turtleneck look like a 1950:s wonder.

I found a lot of things to my liking this time too - like this print on a college sweater: