tisdag 3 december 2013

This weekend featured one of my favorite flea markets the Megaloppis in Solna - and what is better to wear than something that I found there last spring! 

This is a 1950:s dress in mint condition. The brand 'Sun Fashions of Hawaii' started to produce clothes in the 1940:s, and you can still find a lot of their 1960:s and 1970:s dresses on the net. It sure was true luck for me, the man who sold it wanted only 5 dollars (I mean common!). So I bought it quickly and when I got home and tried it on it was a perfect fit. 

Underneath it I wear a tutu skirt and a 1950:s bullet bra, just to enhance the silhouette. You can actually see the tutu skirt on the second picture, it was also a flea market find some years ago. If you are looking for vintage silhouette I truly recommend to be on the look out for bullet bras, they can make a simple turtleneck look like a 1950:s wonder.

I found a lot of things to my liking this time too - like this print on a college sweater: 

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