söndag 9 november 2014

I had a lovely weekend, dancing to jazz until late night on Saturday, and last Friday we had a Cookienight at my place - when all my friends come over and everyone have baked like crazy. I did a chocolate pie, it became a bit too good. See the hanging out part here.

I am happy to show these great pictures by Sara Herrlander. And to show you the amazing Pierrot top that I found at a sale at the Opera House in Stockholm. It is a dream. 

And when this cotton top is combined with a lace dress like this, it easy to wear. The delicate dress was a find at a flea market in Täby for 1 dollar (I know that is crazy!).

Hope you like it, guys. Cause I'm quite in love.

tisdag 4 november 2014

Oh, this darling dress. It is one of two things that I share with a friend. We do not have the same style and we don't live together but we have managed to find this dress and a pair of shoes that we have bought together. 

This was a find at the Vintage Market in Stockholm last spring. You can see all of it here!
It did not cost much, only 20 dollars, so that is 10 dollars each. It reminds me of the art nouveau period. The turban is from the 1940:s and the lovely brooch is my grandfather's mother; my great grandmother Annie. It is dear to me.

Photographers: Sara Herrlander and Michaela Lindén.