tisdag 26 februari 2013

2 days ahead

So who doesn't miss spring? But you have to make the best of what the winter offers you - and use those woolen shorts as much as you can!

They are from the brand St.Emile and I bought them in a thrifted store in Stockholm for like 5 dollars and to my surprise they were made of cashgora! So they are super soft and super warm! And I always wanted a pair of grey high waisted shorts.

The top is a typical bullet bra from the 1950:s. It is just lovely, though an older generation get quite chocked when they see me walking around in just "undies". The hat, also in wool, is from about the same period. I bought it at a second hand store Myrorna in Stockholm some years ago. 

Hope you enjoy, kids! It's time for a cup of hot chocolate (also one of the best things with winter).

onsdag 20 februari 2013

Birthday wishes

Yay! My birthday came and went and so much pleasure came with it!
This was for the party: 'Decadent Drag - a Queen's masquerade'. The night was magic!

To my surprise I found the perfect dress on sale at Bikbok. Then there is just some fake lashes as long as highways, some fake brows and sparkles, sparkles, sparkles. 
Hope you enjoy kids, cause I truly do!

söndag 3 februari 2013

Sequin seed

Well who doesn't love sale? And who doesn't love awesome sparkling green shorts? Right after christmas it was the perfect timing to find all the jewels that I'd been gazing at! The shorts are from H&M and the top I just ran into at Bikbok. 

But I will warn you, the top made horrible sores when I wore it one night (sequin can do that to you) but I mean - the pieces were the perfect match. It reminds me of the cabaret.

And talk about cabaret, look at these girls (at 1.56)! Please give me the sailor outfit!