tisdag 26 februari 2013

2 days ahead

So who doesn't miss spring? But you have to make the best of what the winter offers you - and use those woolen shorts as much as you can!

They are from the brand St.Emile and I bought them in a thrifted store in Stockholm for like 5 dollars and to my surprise they were made of cashgora! So they are super soft and super warm! And I always wanted a pair of grey high waisted shorts.

The top is a typical bullet bra from the 1950:s. It is just lovely, though an older generation get quite chocked when they see me walking around in just "undies". The hat, also in wool, is from about the same period. I bought it at a second hand store Myrorna in Stockholm some years ago. 

Hope you enjoy, kids! It's time for a cup of hot chocolate (also one of the best things with winter).

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