onsdag 18 november 2015

I am a sucker for powder pink, and I was glad to get this gorgeous dress from Wholesalebuy.com. It is a great length and it drapes beautifully.

I made the headpiece from flea market finds; flowers that cost me like 50 cent. And it was super easy to make - just check my step-by-step guide here. Hope you like!

måndag 2 november 2015

So the autumn just keeps on giving. Now the trees has just start spreading all the colors around the ground and I really try to enjoy it before all the colors are gone.

This great kimono was a find at Wholesalebuying.com. It fit perfect with my pair of high waisted vintage silk shorts from the 1930s, that I found at the flea market Solnahallen Megaloppis some years ago. The flower headpiece I did myself, all the flowers are flea market finds and cost 1 dollar. Gotta love it.

More on fb: Leones Vintage.

torsdag 29 oktober 2015

So what do you think about this new little hottie? I love a long dress and I love this color of green. Perfect for autumn. I got it from Wholesalebuying.com, and I really like it. Long, flowy and dramatic. 

The vintage hat is from when the Royal Opera house had a sale of their great closets, such a dream. And the shoes are flea market finds for 2 dollars. Hope you like it, cause I sure do.

måndag 19 oktober 2015

Who does not love the creamy color of sand?

This sheer vintage dress was a find I made this Saturday at Beyond Retro in Stockholm. I am in love. Underneath is a 1950's underskirt that I bought from a flea market for 1 dollar, and it is just perfect. The hat, from the same flea market, was actually for free - the owner wanted me to have it. And the leather boots did not cost more then 2 dollars.

We shot this at a castle ruin, for more pics from the shoot check out my new blog Leones Vintage. And the facebook page Leones Vintage and of course Instagram.

Photographer: Michaela Lindén

lördag 26 september 2015

The big Vintage market took place in Stockholm today and I was there to see all the great clothes. I got to buy the deepest straw hat I have ever seen, clock shaped just like in the 1920's. And I bought an amazing dress, first bought in London in 1970's - I will of course show you it all when I have them on.

But today I wore another flea market find that I bought last spring. A pop of color in the autumn. It is a woolen dress from the 1960's, a vintage school dress. The beret is also a flea market find, as the shoes and the sun glasses. Together the whole outfit has cost me around 23 dollar (the dress was 15 dollar so it was the most expensive part, if any). Finally I can wear it, now when autumn has arrived.

söndag 6 september 2015

So there was a great flea market this Saturday, the Burleskloppis (Burlesque flea market) in Stockholm. And this is what I found in my wardrobe. 

I love when autumn comes, because I get so much inspiration. And this look has a 1960's feel to it. The shire shirt dress and the shoes are flea market finds for 1 dollar at Galoppisen in Täby. The vintage hat I got from a friend who was cleaning out her wardrobe (lucky me). The great bag is from Gudrun Sjödén and the white rose is just a spare accessory that I had at home.

Hope you like, loved ones.

fredag 4 september 2015

I have been longing for a long, simple black dress. And here it is! I found it to be perfect to wear at both my flea market adventures and fancy dinners. I found it at wholesalebuying, just like the dress I showed you last time. 

The hat I found here, at the Royal Opera House vintage sale, last autumn. They only do it like every fifth year and I was ecstatic with all my finds! You can see more about that here.

The glasses are my boyfriend's from the 90s, and it is my favorite ones this year. The shoes I found on the flea market Galoppisen, outside of Stockholm. Make sure to visit in September because when they close it is closed for good. They are planning to build houses in the same area, I am afraid. 

onsdag 2 september 2015

 It is never too late for a swim in the lake, even in pouring rain. 

I love that this look got the dark clouds as a back drop, because this really was the day, the same hour, as the autumn entered. The lovely bohemian white dress is from Wholesalebuying and I truly enjoy it. It is very bright and airy with a vintage touch.

The rain boots are from the Swedish designer Gudrun Sjödén (I adore her creations). And the turban is also  a print of hers, but it is originally a bag. I just made a knot and turned it into a turban. If you want to see the photo shoot I did for Gudrun Sjödéns spring catalog 2016, together with other writers, bloggers and journalist - check this out!

It was such an awesome day!

torsdag 6 augusti 2015

So well, the rauks at Gotland did not disappoint. Rauks are these mountain sculptures and like great pillars they raise up right from the sea.It's a perfect photo shoot environment (if you are not afraid to fall and crush your scull)

The lace body that I am wearing was a find I did years ago in a flea market and the lace shorts is a find from this summer flea market hunt. Both costed 1 dollar each, and had never been wore before. A perfect match.

Photographer: Michaela Lindén

onsdag 29 juli 2015

Yet again, I have been away far too long. So to make it up to you, I am going to post some looks and pics from this week. Fresh out the oven.

I have been by the Swedish coast and its sea. And it has been gorgeous. Here are some of the pictures that Michaela Lindén took. They remind me a bit about Ingmar Bergman's cold scenery. This place is like a dream world, no wonder that Ingmar wanted to live at this actual site. 

The simple lace dress is bought at a flea market, Galoppisen, for 1 dollar. When I got home and tried it on I was not very happy about the fit but I thought I could wreck it on a photo shoot. However now, I have grown found of it and I am actually finding myself wearing it a lot. You just never know.

lördag 2 maj 2015

Well, to show you one of Sweden's most amazing designer and brands; here is some clothes by Gudrun Sjödén

Gudrun Sjödén started to produce awesome clothes in the 1970:s and since then the brand has become one of the most respected brands in Sweden. Today you can find boutiques all over the world; New York, Berlin, London etc etc.

I certainly enjoy this grey jacket a lot. It is super soft (most of their fabrics are ekologic) and the cut is perfect. The dress is also in super soft cotton. 

The vintage hat is from when Kungliga Operan (The Opera in Stockholm) had a sale, and sold a lot of goodies from their store. It was amazing. And the glasses are my boyfriend's, from when he was a kid in the 90's. Hope you enjoy (cause I certainly do!).