måndag 29 juli 2013

This gorgeous thing is from the 1947:s collection "Le Gant - Merry Widow" of Warner's. 
Warner's has made beautiful underwear since 1874 and has made a huge mark on the lingerie fashion since (for example they were the ones who launched the "alphabet bras", the ones we know today by A, B, C, D cups, you know). I guess that's what a company need to do to survive all the twists and turns of two three centuries. 

I found the corset in Hollywood, at the sunday market of Melrose. If there is anywhere that you can't miss when you are in LA, it is this sunday market! It blew my mind! They had lovely clothes - and actually a lot from the 1920:s, 1930:s that I find is hard to find in Sweden. They also had beautiful mirrors, furniture and mannequins. This corset was bought for like 25 dollars, maybe less. So if you are interested in second hand and vintage, don't miss it! You can see some pictures down below, so you see what I mean. And if you want to know more about lingerie from the past, the evolution of the corset and Warner's history - take a peek here. It can say a lot of women's history too. 

tisdag 9 juli 2013

Hey kids!

It's summer, it is work but most of all it is outside time with friends so I don't spend a lot of time in front of a screen right now. But I feel my fingers itching when it comes to show you some of the finds that is bound to come with summer flea markets!

This is a jump suit that I bought at the Galoppis in Täby, just outside Stockholm. It was an old lady who sold it, and I just love the tropical pattern all over! It makes me wanna dance ugly dances (the best pieces do).

Galoppisen is by far my favorite flea market in the summer. It is a boot sale with so many cars that you get both happy and faintly feelings at the same time when you arrive. Everything is super cheap - so my wardrobe is kind on it's breaking point (maybe I should sell some of my own soon). This jump suit set me back 4 dollars, the flea market is open every saturday and sunday 12.00-04.00 pm all summer! A must!