måndag 18 januari 2016

The winter is amazing right now. And perfect for this woolen dress from Gudrun Sjödén. The red boots are also from Gudrun (I love red shoes). The hat is a flea market find - and it was for free!

And guys, even though spring feels far away when you look at the weather here, it is coming. And in Gudrun Sjödéns spring catalog you might see a familiar face (WOOPWOOP). And here you will find the diary I wrote on Gudrun Sjödéns page the other week - with vintage adventures and etc.

Photographer: Michaela Lindén. Her instagram mickislinden

tisdag 5 januari 2016

I haven't been here for a while, but I have not forgot about you. I just spend much time at work with the magazine (love it!) and the other blog.

But what I do have time for is to go out photo shooting these awesome flea market finds. This dress cost me like 1 dollar at a flea market and the leather boots (which you can see in the lookbook post) cost me 2 dollars. The headpiece I made out of flower decor that I also bought for a dollar on a flea market last summer. You can see how I made these flowers into headpieces right here.

Photographer: Michaela Lindén.