tisdag 20 maj 2014

One of my favorite places to rest is by the lake. No matter the weather.
This pair of pants was a real find. They cost me 2 dollars at the Solnahallen Megaloppis flea market, and they are from the fancy brand Tiger of Sweden (which means they are worth about 300 dollars). They are never worn and super soft. I love the huge flairs and that they move in the wind. I also love that I have my work at the magazine Minnenas Journal, which means I can play with 'office clothing'.

So guys, this weekend means that the best thing on the whole year happens! Well very close to the very best thing anyway: the huge flea market Galoppisen in Täby starts! It will be every weekend from 12-16 from now on and the whole summer. Täby is like 15-20 minutes from Stockholm city with bus or train so don't you miss it. It is huge! I know where I will be and spend my change.

måndag 12 maj 2014

This is a vintage dress brought in Paris. It is actually the only dress I bought there this time (most of the times I come home with like 2000 dresses). This time my interest in vintage items had shifted a bit though. When I was there earlier my interest were more in 1950:s-1970:s dresses; this time I am looking more at 1900:s-1930:s items. For instance I bought a beautiful perfume bottle from Guerlain, one of the most famous perfume companies in the world. It is from the 1920:s and it is an atomizer, so it has one of those puffs! I have to show it to you guys soon. It is adorable.

The items from the beginning of the century are of course often expensive. If something is a 100 years old, it is seen as an antique. However they are lovely and in Paris you can find a lot of them! If you haven't seen it before, click here and read and see more about the quirky antique markets in Paris.

This dress caught my eye in one of those busy vintage stores that you can only find in that city. You can see them on the street Rue de la Verrerie and around that neighborhood. It was cramped with people and you almost had to fight to see anything. But it is here that you can find the real bargains! My boyfriend find an awesome 1950:s leather jacket, and I found this dress. It cost me 9 euros. I love it because it reminds me of a tennis sports wear in the 1920:s. However the fabric says to me that it probably was made in the 1970:s, maybe in the same time era when the 1920:s was back in fashion again because of the old The Great Gatsby movie that was produced in 1974. 

torsdag 8 maj 2014

Something old something new something borrowed something blue.

I could almost wear this to my wedding. The shirt is my boyfriend's, the flower shorts was 1 dollar at a flea market and the sunglasses are produced by Beyond Retro. And then of course the white shoes, which I got from my friend (a bonus).

Talking about weddings, one of my closest friends are getting married in about a month! So what to wear? Well actually, I thought about a 1950:s silk dress that I have - but then two weeks ago I found an amazing, amazing vintage dress that maybe will be the one! It was at Solnahallen Megaloppis - that I am always jabbering about. A young girl were selling some of her grandmother's clothes. One of them was a yellow and green flowered 1950:s wonder. With a tiny waist, a wide skirt and no straps. I fell in love. She wanted 15 dollars for it (which is nothing!). I am so happy for it, and I will show you it someday soon. You can see more from the flea market here.

torsdag 1 maj 2014

The cherry blossoms are magical and they only lasts for a few weeks. I am so happy that I got to see it just after I came back from Paris. The trip to Paris was amazing - I found new antique markets, exhibition of how the lovely city looked like 100 years ago and I got to visit the Oriental Express. See pictures of it here and get the vintage and antique market tips here.

This little lovely dress is from the 1920:s. Can you imagine! I found it at the Stockholm Vintage fair. It was hanging among a lot of other second hand pieces but when I saw the silhouette and felt the fragile fabric I knew that this was a really old pearl. And guess what - it cost me 10 dollar! NOTHING. The girl who sold it said that she had got all the clothes from her mother or grandmother, and I guess she just didn't know what she was selling. 1920:s dresses are rare, they are old and today they are popular so therefore they expensive. Because of how short this one is and by its color it has probably been a seaside dress, maybe a swimsuit, even though it is made in silk. For me it is a treasure!

The turban is from the 1940:s. And the brooch is from my old grandmother Annie, who was young in the 1920:s and loved masquerades! The stay-ups has this lovely powder pink color, they are bought in a boutique called Pistill in Stockholm.