tisdag 20 maj 2014

One of my favorite places to rest is by the lake. No matter the weather.
This pair of pants was a real find. They cost me 2 dollars at the Solnahallen Megaloppis flea market, and they are from the fancy brand Tiger of Sweden (which means they are worth about 300 dollars). They are never worn and super soft. I love the huge flairs and that they move in the wind. I also love that I have my work at the magazine Minnenas Journal, which means I can play with 'office clothing'.

So guys, this weekend means that the best thing on the whole year happens! Well very close to the very best thing anyway: the huge flea market Galoppisen in Täby starts! It will be every weekend from 12-16 from now on and the whole summer. Täby is like 15-20 minutes from Stockholm city with bus or train so don't you miss it. It is huge! I know where I will be and spend my change.

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