fredag 6 juni 2014

So a typical day at the flea market - going there with some friends, eat cinnamon buns when you get super tired of all the amazing and cheap vintage and second hand finds that you see everywhere and get a free hat! See all of my pictures here. Okey, a free hat is not that typical, but not surprising either. It was a free flea market find at Galoppisen. That flea market that goes on every weekend close to Stockholm, the whole summer (expect for like midsummer). 

And then we have these pants. As I have mentioned before, working in an office environment right now, means that I have the possibility to experiment with 'office wear'. I am surprised of how super excited and inspired I feel! These pants is a flea market find, they are from the brand ACNE and they cost me 3 dollars (yeahs, 3 dollars!) at Solnahallen Megaloppis. The top was bought in the flea market On the flea when it was in Stockholm, for 2 dollars. The shoes are from Beyond Retro's stock sale, they cost me 6 dollars. All and all this whole outfit costed me 16 dollars (with sunglasses included). I mean that is kind of a okey amount of money. So I am excused for going to flea markets and buying a bunch load of clothes every weekend now, right?

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