fredag 4 juli 2014

Such a lovely summer day today. June has been cold in Sweden, and today the summer finally broke out for real. This lovely blue dress (you might have noticed that it is one of my favorite colors for the moment) came to my place in a package from Chine. It is from and I am really happy with it, as you might see. The underskirt comes from a flea market for 2 dollars (Solnahallen of course), and the vintage shoes is a gift from a friend. 

Tomorrow is my brothers 30 year old birthday, and it will be an amazing masquerade at my friend's chapel! If you want a glimpse from a party the other year, a 1920:s one, check it out here. And, if you can see the movie from the year 1929 (a masquerade at Grand Hotel) check it out. It is truly amazing. Talk about Gatsby for real.

Hope you enjoy the summer as much as this!

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