tisdag 8 juli 2014

So I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. On Sunday I am taking a plain to Japan! I have never been there before and now I will be in Tokyo for 10 days. If anyone have some tips of what to do, what shops to go to and what I just can't miss - write to me! 

I am lucky because I am going there with my friends to visit my friend's brother. He knows the city some what and the language. And besides walking around in the amazing city, I will have two days in the mountains! When I come back I will have so much to tell you. And so much to show.

This dress is also from a package from China. It is from Yesfor.com, and I really do enjoy a simple black dress. The hat was a bargain at a flea market (for free) and the sunglasses is my boyfriend's, from when he was like 5 years old. So I guess they are from the 1992. The leather jacket is also from a childhood. I got it when I was like 6 years old. 

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