tisdag 25 mars 2014

I have a new job at the most amazing magazine - if you love vintage and nostalgia check it out! Minnenas Journal and the webpage is in Swedish but I think google translate can work magic for you. And hey, the lovely videos from the 1920:s and the amazing pictures are anyhow without any need of sound!

So after some busy weeks me and my friend finally went down to the lake and watched the sun turn it purple. In Sweden, mars mean spring, but it also means surprising snow that comes and goes. I guess that really can makes us appreciate when the sun finally shines through.

This shirt is a new love of mine. I bought it at a flea market and I adore its lightness and its metal buttons. I also have an obsession for mixing wool with something sheer. This is a pair of woolen and angora shorts, bought in a second hand in Stockholm.  

torsdag 6 mars 2014

Just like that I release that not only did I get a pair of high waist squared pants for 4 dollars on a vintage sale - they are also from the famous designer Giorgio Sant' Angelo! Born in 1933 and lived to 1989, his creativity has been inspiration for fashion designers ever since, Marc Jacobs to name one. He also styled some famous fashion shoots, like the one with Twiggy in Vouge, from 1967, 18 months after she was discovered: