söndag 26 januari 2014

This petit vintage frame charm was a find at Solnahallen Megaloppis, a huge flea market outside Stockholm. It is actually time for it this up coming weekend! The charm has a leather back and brass plated surface. When I asked the seller he told me it was from the 1940:s. Sadly though the glass is gone, but there is a plastic piece instead which makes is possible to put whatever you want inside. You could put a picture, or why not some lace? 

Today I have a picture of my great grandmother Annie Serrander inside the charm. I know that I have mentioned Annie here before; a woman who was a fan of masquerades. In the summer of 1896 she was born into a poor family at Södermalm in Stockholm. However she was adopted by a woman from an old noble family. In the picture above she is 30 years old, sitting on deck beside her adoptive mother. The text on the back of the pictures says: "On the way to Gustavsberg with little Master at Wolles vacation." Wolle, Woldmar Serrander, was her husband, probably the master behind the camera. How different couldn't her life have been?

måndag 20 januari 2014

This lovely vintage sequin one-piece reminds me of an old theater. And once in its life it has been on stage. The brand is 'Taffy's showstoppers' and behind the label it says: "Great styles for action". And it sure was great for action! My excuse for buying it was an upcoming masquerade for Cabaret and Great Gatsby - you can all see how that worked out here!

But to be honest I have been looking for a vintage showgirl costume for a long time. It was not easy to find though, I had to scan the net with different keywords like "burlesque dance", "showgirl" and even "sequin bathing suit". Finally I found this gorgeous thing at ZoomVintage at Etsy!

I don't smoke, so to get a sense of old times, this black, mat nicotine free e-cigarette does the trick! And people, just look at those lovely seams.

söndag 12 januari 2014

Aren't I just in love with this manor? I had been looking for an abandoned garden, which is not always easy to find in Sweden. Instead I found this mansion that was build 1917, by a man who had won the island (yes, it's on an island) at a casino in Paris. It was one of the hot spots in the 1920:s. In it's heydays socialites and celebrities had fabulous parties in the now dilapidated garden.

What could be more suitable here than a vintage smoking jacket combined with some classic finger waves? The smoking jacket was brought to Europe in the end of the 19th century. It often had exotic oriental motives and was made in either velvet or satin. It was used to protect your fancy clothes from cigarette ash and odor. Sometimes you combined it with a fez to protect the hair.

The shoes and dress are flea market finds, 1 dollar each. And for a non-smoker like me the e-cigarette with no nicotine has become a lovely accessory. Especially this one which we spray-lacquered into black at home. 

 The mansion is called Villa Kassman and has lovely owners that tries to take care of what's left of its glory. It is now used as movie sets and whatever can help pay the bills of stopping it from totally falling apart.

lördag 4 januari 2014

So I can finally show you the lovely details of this vintage corset. It has a bare back, which I adore, and delicate flower detailed lace.It was made by the Swedish corset and lingerer company AB Corsettindustri which have been making underwear since 1932. The company was placed in Borås in Sweden and with the name Abecita and it still makes underwear and bathing suits today, however in a more modern touch. This corset dates back from around the 1950:s, maybe even earlier. I found it at the Vintage fair Bakåt:framåt in Stockholm last autumn. When I bought it I had no idea that I would use it as much as I do, some pieces just go straight to the heart. 

There is just something romantic with the ballet aesthetics. I mean look at the lovely picture down below from Dancer. She was a Russian ballet dancer called Anna Pavlova, the picture is taken around year 1905. She played in The Dying Swan, the original The Swan, and danced the part over 4000 times. If you are for the lookout for ballet dressed and skirts, like the one I wear above, I can recommend Dance & Gymshop in Stockholm. They don't have vintage items but a a lot of dance attributes like shoes, ballet dresses and tutus in many colors which you can use until you find that perfect vintage ballet dress that you are after.