lördag 4 januari 2014

So I can finally show you the lovely details of this vintage corset. It has a bare back, which I adore, and delicate flower detailed lace.It was made by the Swedish corset and lingerer company AB Corsettindustri which have been making underwear since 1932. The company was placed in Borås in Sweden and with the name Abecita and it still makes underwear and bathing suits today, however in a more modern touch. This corset dates back from around the 1950:s, maybe even earlier. I found it at the Vintage fair Bakåt:framåt in Stockholm last autumn. When I bought it I had no idea that I would use it as much as I do, some pieces just go straight to the heart. 

There is just something romantic with the ballet aesthetics. I mean look at the lovely picture down below from Dancer. She was a Russian ballet dancer called Anna Pavlova, the picture is taken around year 1905. She played in The Dying Swan, the original The Swan, and danced the part over 4000 times. If you are for the lookout for ballet dressed and skirts, like the one I wear above, I can recommend Dance & Gymshop in Stockholm. They don't have vintage items but a a lot of dance attributes like shoes, ballet dresses and tutus in many colors which you can use until you find that perfect vintage ballet dress that you are after.

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