söndag 12 januari 2014

Aren't I just in love with this manor? I had been looking for an abandoned garden, which is not always easy to find in Sweden. Instead I found this mansion that was build 1917, by a man who had won the island (yes, it's on an island) at a casino in Paris. It was one of the hot spots in the 1920:s. In it's heydays socialites and celebrities had fabulous parties in the now dilapidated garden.

What could be more suitable here than a vintage smoking jacket combined with some classic finger waves? The smoking jacket was brought to Europe in the end of the 19th century. It often had exotic oriental motives and was made in either velvet or satin. It was used to protect your fancy clothes from cigarette ash and odor. Sometimes you combined it with a fez to protect the hair.

The shoes and dress are flea market finds, 1 dollar each. And for a non-smoker like me the e-cigarette with no nicotine has become a lovely accessory. Especially this one which we spray-lacquered into black at home. 

 The mansion is called Villa Kassman and has lovely owners that tries to take care of what's left of its glory. It is now used as movie sets and whatever can help pay the bills of stopping it from totally falling apart.

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