söndag 26 januari 2014

This petit vintage frame charm was a find at Solnahallen Megaloppis, a huge flea market outside Stockholm. It is actually time for it this up coming weekend! The charm has a leather back and brass plated surface. When I asked the seller he told me it was from the 1940:s. Sadly though the glass is gone, but there is a plastic piece instead which makes is possible to put whatever you want inside. You could put a picture, or why not some lace? 

Today I have a picture of my great grandmother Annie Serrander inside the charm. I know that I have mentioned Annie here before; a woman who was a fan of masquerades. In the summer of 1896 she was born into a poor family at Södermalm in Stockholm. However she was adopted by a woman from an old noble family. In the picture above she is 30 years old, sitting on deck beside her adoptive mother. The text on the back of the pictures says: "On the way to Gustavsberg with little Master at Wolles vacation." Wolle, Woldmar Serrander, was her husband, probably the master behind the camera. How different couldn't her life have been?

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