torsdag 6 februari 2014

The lovely feather toque was such a find at the Megaloppisen in Solna, outside Stockholm! This delicate vintage hat is made out of lovely feathers and decorated with silver pearls. It dates back to the 1920:s, hard to believe that it has made it for 90 years in such great condition! It is perfect for weddings or just for finer dinners.

The flea market in Solna was last weekend, and I unfortunately missed it this time because I was visiting Finland. However now I have some vintage tips in Helsinki for you guys:

- Explore the street Fleminginkatu! If you have your eyes open you will find a lot of small second hand stores and vintage boutiques! You will also find a lot of cool cafes and bars. 

- At Fargo Vintage you will find a lot of special things, furniture and clothes. I, for instance, found a lovely carrying tray from the 1940:s. In the cases on the top the girls had ice cream, and to carry it around your body you had leather straps. The same trays that the lovely cigarette girls had:

- At Ansa second hand I found a lovely petticoat from the 1920:s. I was so surprised because I have never seen one from that era before. Adorable!

- Another awesome place was Soul Vintage. You will find it at Helsinginkatu 6, close by Fleminginkatu. Here I found this awesome backpack, for you who adores the 1980:s and 1990:s. And the clock actually still works. For more vintage tips from Helsinki look here.

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  1. I love this outfit ;)
    Kisses <3

  2. amazing look!