fredag 14 februari 2014

Today was a great day! Or should I say that it was a great morning - it is still early afternoon. The reason for this great morning is not because it is Valentines but because I went to Beyond Retro's stock sale! I bought clothes for 70 dollars, that would have cost me 384 dollars if it weren't for the sale.

The Beyond Retro stock sale was crazy and it will be opened this whole weekend. If you can go - make sure you do! You will find it in Zinkensdamm in Stockholm. But be prepared that it will be crowded. I came when it opened this morning and it took about 5 minutes until it was packed. However everyone was super nice to each other. And hey it is in the most crowded rooms that you will find the best and cheapest second hand! 

The vintage white lace dress that you can see above was a find at Beyond Retro that I made some years ago. Since then it has actually been a favorite of mine. However the real magic in the pictures is the rare vintage sailor hat. It comes from the beginning of the 20th century. Around 100 years old, it once belonged to a young boy. It has the lovely 'Donald Duck string' and it is numbered inside. Maybe it was part of his Sunday best?

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