lördag 30 november 2013

This weekend it is time for flea market finds! Solnahallen Megaloppis, a flea market in Solna in Sweden, is this weekend. I was there today and found a lot of awesome clothes! They also have a lot of collectors items, tin jars from the 50:s, 60:s and 70:s and all you can want. Be sure to go if you are close to Stockholm tomorrow. You can find more information here. The most precious item on this look was bought there!

Yes, it is this cap, a rare working cap from the 1920:s. It is in brown leather and it has had it's wear and tear by the years gone by, as it should have. I was so fascinated when I found it at the flea market some years ago. You have seen the type of cap on many pictures, one of the famous ones is 'Lunch atop a Skyscraper' from 1932. But I had never before seen one in real life. To think it has been saved for so many years.    

Another oldie is the white 'grandpa' sweater. It is a piece of underclothing from the beginning of the 1900:s sometime. What calls out for me the most was the sticker that said "10 år" ("10 years") that still was on it. So it was for ten year olds, but it has the perfect fit. I am very careful with it. I found that one on a antique fair in Stockholm.

The brown leather jacket is also for kids really. I found it on a flea market in Täby last summer and thought I could save it if I couldn't have it - but now it is one of my favorite leather jackets! It is so rustic in a way. 

The shorts are also a find. A thrift store sold out some clothes and I could buy them for 3 dollars, and later found out that they are made in like angora and wool. Super warm and super soft.

Photographer: Michaela Lindén

lördag 23 november 2013

This a vintage negligé that I found at a flea market last summer. There is just something about a baby doll shaped dress that lures me. And I love the soft lace on the lining. 

The water shoot is shot in the sea, the other one by a flood bank. I really enjoyed this shoot, it is always a challenge in waves (not to mention the amount of water that floods in your ears). 

onsdag 13 november 2013

This sheer skirt is such a treat. My mother found it in London but had a hard time wearing the color. I, on the other hand, love the vintage turquoise. It reminds me of the paint and wallpaper in old cottages in the countryside.

The vintage corset is the same one as in the post from October. I bought it on the vintage fair Bakåtframåt this autumn.  It is a 1950:s corset that just frills me! I paid around 15 dollars for it, after some bargain was made.

lördag 9 november 2013

 Here is a white treasure that I found on Megaloppisen this year. Gosh, I found like three bags full of clothes last time I was there. It is a flea market in Sweden, close to Stockholm. And guess what kids, one is coming up! On 30th November and 1st December!! Don't miss it if you are here! And they have more stuff than just clothes. Look at what I found last time: 

söndag 3 november 2013

This skirt was a lucky find. When I was at a flea market a man just threw out some clothes on the ground in front of him. The skirt didn't look much to the world at the time, so I offered him 1 dollar for it. And now it is my favorite autumn skirt!

The beret some of you have already seen, and that is because it is super useful now in this type of year. It is a woolen beret bought on a flea market in Täby (the one I mention all the time - Galoppisen). The lace top is really a lace body, also a found for 1 dollar on a flea market last year.