måndag 20 januari 2014

This lovely vintage sequin one-piece reminds me of an old theater. And once in its life it has been on stage. The brand is 'Taffy's showstoppers' and behind the label it says: "Great styles for action". And it sure was great for action! My excuse for buying it was an upcoming masquerade for Cabaret and Great Gatsby - you can all see how that worked out here!

But to be honest I have been looking for a vintage showgirl costume for a long time. It was not easy to find though, I had to scan the net with different keywords like "burlesque dance", "showgirl" and even "sequin bathing suit". Finally I found this gorgeous thing at ZoomVintage at Etsy!

I don't smoke, so to get a sense of old times, this black, mat nicotine free e-cigarette does the trick! And people, just look at those lovely seams.

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