onsdag 2 september 2015

 It is never too late for a swim in the lake, even in pouring rain. 

I love that this look got the dark clouds as a back drop, because this really was the day, the same hour, as the autumn entered. The lovely bohemian white dress is from Wholesalebuying and I truly enjoy it. It is very bright and airy with a vintage touch.

The rain boots are from the Swedish designer Gudrun Sjödén (I adore her creations). And the turban is also  a print of hers, but it is originally a bag. I just made a knot and turned it into a turban. If you want to see the photo shoot I did for Gudrun Sjödéns spring catalog 2016, together with other writers, bloggers and journalist - check this out!

It was such an awesome day!

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