söndag 29 september 2013

 So today I was at Vintagemässan in Stockholm. That's a market were many of Sweden's vintage boutiques come to show their stuff and sell it - under the same roof! It usually is two weekends a year so it is always exciting to go. Today I got to see a 1920:s dress (a real one with old black sequins all over). It was so beautiful. I also met a pair who had bought a dead stock of clothing from the 1960:s and 1970:s. They had gorgeous coats, never worn of course, and a lot of jeans. They were going to sell some of the stock in October and November - I will be there looking thru it. You can find more about that here.

As always Galoppisen is of course much cheaper than Vintagemässan because it is a garage sale, so after Vintagemässan me and my friend went there for a short visit! Totally today's find is a vintage lace corset from Vintagemässan for 21 dollar, a lovely autumn sweater for 3 dollar and a Gul&blå top for 2 dollar at the Galoppis.

I had to have a typical autumn look today. The coat is bought in a vintage boutique in Paris some years ago, from the 1970:s. The dress is a classic 1960:s dress that I got from a friend (lucky me). The baret is something I found at the Galoppis some weeks ago. It cost me 2 dollars and I really love it, why haven't I tried barets before?

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