tisdag 30 april 2013

Yep, the spring has arrived and so has the summer wardrobe! 

This is a 1960:s vintage dress, bought in Paris. I really adore that the colors are so clear even after so many years. The short jeans jacket is my mother's from the beginning. I think she bought it in the 80:s. 
I have a love for patent shoes since I was a kid. I found these ones in a flee market in Stockholm last year for 3 dollars, the same flee market that I was going to this day (last sunday). It is in Solna, Sweden; Megaloppis. It is usually only twice a year and I always, always find great stuff! 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Very vivid and memorable way! I loved the wonderful print on the dress!


  2. I love totally this pretty look ! very cute vintage inspiration ! ♥
    Love from France