fredag 24 maj 2013

So as may have noticed, I'm a sucker for vintage lingerie. This pair of lace shorts are from the beginning of the 1900:s. They are perfect as shorts for the summer, made in strong cotton and in impeccable condition. Fantastic for being over 100 years old, right?
They cost me 5 dollars at a flea market in Solna, Sweden. The flea market that I have mentioned before (a great one).

The top is a bullet bra from the 1950:s. The bullet bra got it's name from the shape of it's cups, it gives you a nice 1950:s shape when you wear it underneath clothes, but this piece can also be used as just a lace top really. 

Well, I should head to bed now. Tomorrow I have an early day baking for friends and then it's premier for one of the biggest and best flee markets in the Stockholm area for the summer: Galoppis! I have waited all year.

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