fredag 5 september 2014

So September is here but in Sweden we still have some hot summer days left! 

Last week I visited my friend's country house in Dalarna. So stunning, just by a lake close to the mountains. This is what I wore, a vintage sailor jumpsuit! I adore it, I found it on a flea market close to Stockholm the weekend before. It cost me 2 dollars! The girl who sold it was going to move so she just wanted to get rid of her stuff (the best kind of seller). See it here!

The amazing sailor hat is from the beginning of the 1900:s. So it is about a 100 years old and such a darling item! You can see the post I made earlier with it here.I bought it on a flea market in Gustavsberg two years ago. And a new Mega flea market is actually due there this weekend! 

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