söndag 12 april 2015

Hi kids,
I had this lovely spring day this weekend. Me and my friend went shopping and past by my favorite place in the world: Independent Kostym. A theater- and movie costume storage with vintage clothing from every decade. Normally they just rent out their clothes, but right now there is an ongoing spring sale were you can actually buy some unique pieces.

So we went there and we found our self pretty lucky. Not only did they have the sale, that day only the clothing they had on for sale was for free (a dream come true). The dress on these pics was only one piece of many that I brought home that day. It is truly amazing. The design reminds me of a 1960's dress and a priest piece. 

The hat is from a flea market from last summer, it also happened to be for free. The glasses from the 90's are my boyfriend's, the shoes from the 90's are mine since forever and the lovely bag from Gudrun Sjödén was a gift from them. 

So this outfit pretty much was for free (lucky me). 

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