måndag 14 januari 2013

The poisoned apple

Well I think I was as lucky when I stumpled over this rare dress at a flee market!

This is an exquisite vintage dress from Märthaskolan. Märthaskolan was one of the few Swedish brands who made haute couture and they started in 1927. The seamstresses also dressed the royal family - they had a royal Warrent. 

Märthaskolan is really a part of the Swedish fashion history and the needlecraft is art. All the details in sewing and design is planned to perfection. Is it still a disirable brand and this dress can be sold for up to 240 dollars today. 
I found it for 16 dollars at the flee market. My, my I was in heaven! 

And I still am, this dress is a dream! The deatils are stunning. As you can see you have to be gentle to get inside it; first you go through two zippers, one for the lace and one for the petticoat, and last there are hooks for the bustier. Even the corset metal straps are gorgeous!   

In 2012 a museum in Stockholm, Livrustkammaren which focus on the royal family, had en exhibition called Royal Vintage were you could see a lot of Märthaskolan's work. You can also read about the exhibition in English on Gingerstyle.


For more fun stuff like Märthaskolans handbook from the 1940:s see Husmodern.

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