torsdag 29 augusti 2013

So last weekend we had a big birthday party for my friend Kris. The theme was The Great Gatsby and Cabaret and I have always visioned what I would like to wear at a party like that. I had to search a long time to find something that matched my vision though. But here it is - a vintage sequin showgirl body! It is a sparkling vintage dress in silver and black.They are not very easy to come across and even on Etsy I had to look for a while to find some to choose from. But I did find one at ZoomVintage and it is totally covered in sequins and it the pattern in front reminds of a tie which makes me think of the cigarette girls in the 1930:s and 1940:s. The feather in my hair is a headpiece from around the 1920:s in lovely condition. I found it in the vintage flea market in Solna last year that I mentioned before. I will publish some photos of it in color in the future. But I really couldn't wait - I want to show you some of the gorgeous pictures that Michaela Lindén took on this night. 

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