tisdag 20 augusti 2013

Who doesn't want a two piece mariner's outfit with high waisted pants? And who doesn't want it in the most kitschy pattern ever? Yes, it is yellow and it has palm trees, a chick and a parrots on it. Just lovely!

So okay, I can imagine a few persons were this outfit wouldn't be a must in their wardrobe, but I can assure that is the case for me now! I found this in an antique and vintage fair in Solna last year. It was the first one at this location and unfortunately I don't think any more will take place there. Lucky for us we have the vintage fair in Stockholm from Bakåt:framåt twice a year, next one coming up in September! And Solna still has the Megaloppis - a huge vintage market which also comes around every autumn and spring. Now the date is set the 5th and 6th October! Don't miss is for the world is you are in Stockholm - they have clothes but also a lot of great china, furniture and collectible items. I can't wait!

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