fredag 10 oktober 2014

So here you see something that I completely fell in love with. As the vintage sequin body that I showed you earlier, this is also a vintage find from Kungliga Operan in Stockholm, the opera house. It is a beautiful, well sewn top, inspired by the clown Pierrot (one of my personal favorites).

When we were leaving the vintage costume sale at the opera house, I just happened to go by this one. And it took my breath away. The cotton fabric is so perfectly shaped, the age is so charming. And then, hanging besides this one, a matching Pierrot costume for a boy appeared. I could not help myself. I bought both of them.

So this costume came with a lovely skirt. But once more I could not help myself while trying it on at home. I put on one skirt, then two, then double that. Underneath it here is five vintage skirts. One from a flea market, one from a vintage market in Hollywood, one from my mother and one is a vintage tutu for some volume.

Hope you like it, kids.

Photo: Michaela Lindén and Sara Herrlander.

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