onsdag 15 oktober 2014

Today was a great day. After a long cold I finally got out to see the leaf falling in the beautiful weather. So it did rain, but it did not matter. Cause who can't enjoy these colors, no matter the rain?

As you might guess - I am a fan of tweed. Not only cause it is such a classic fabric but also cause it often keeps me warm. 

The lovely cape was a great found at the sale at Kungliga Operan in Sweden. It is hand sewn for one of their operas and it cost me 10 dollars. Now, that is sick.

The grandpa pants are also tweed, a find from when Beyond Retro had its crazy sale last winter. It cost me like 4 dollars (I was in heaven). The tweed jacket is part of a lovely vintage suit with a matching high waist skirt. I bought that one on Blocket.se, for maybe 8 dollars. And then we have these brown leather boots, which I adore. Those ones I found at the touring flea market On the flea, in Stockholm.

And oh, the hat. It was also a find at Kungliga Operan. Hand made, and such a dramatic piece. The autumn is saved. 

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